What if
all women were bigger and stronger than you
and thought they were smarter

What if
women were the ones who started wars

What if
too many of your friends had been raped by women wielding giant dildos
and no K-Y Jelly

What if
the state trooper
who pulled you over on the New Jersey Turnpike
was a woman
and carried a gun

What if
the ability to menstruate
was the prerequisite for most high-paying jobs

What if
your attractiveness to women depended
on the size of your penis

What if
every time women saw you
they’d hoot and make jerking motions with their hands

What if
women were always making jokes
about how ugly penises are
and how bad sperm tastes

What if
you had to explain what’s wrong with your car
to big sweaty women with greasy hands
who stared at your crotch
in a garage where you are surrounded
by posters of naked men with hard-ons

What if
men’s magazines featured cover photos
of 14-year-old boys
with socks
tucked into the front of their jeans
and articles like:
“How to tell if your wife is unfaithful”
“What your doctor won’t tell you about your prostate”
“The truth about impotence”

What if
the doctor who examined your prostate
was a woman
and called you “Honey”

What if
you had to inhale your boss’s stale cigar breath
as she insisted that sleeping with her
was part of the job

What if
you couldn’t get away because
the company dress code required
you wear shoes
designed to keep you from running

And what if
after all that
women still wanted you
to love them.

For the Men Who Still Don’t Get It, written 20 years ago by Carol Diehl. 

She wrote a post about the history of this poem that is worth reading.

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welcome to womens clothing where the sizes are made up and the measurements don’t matter

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Timeline: 100 Years of Birth Control

Since Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger coined the term “birth control” in 1914, contraception has truly revolutionized women’s lives in the United States, and around the world. Brush up on your birth control history, and see just how far we’ve come in 100 years.


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one day early, transformation tuesday. 10-year-old me was truly a style icon.


Florence and the Machine - Stay With Me (Sam Smith cover)
[live @ Orange Warsaw Festival 06.14.2014] xx

This is out of this world. 

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the main thing i look forward to in life is raising dogs w/ someone i love

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Instant Life” by Florian Beaudenon

Paris-based fashion and editorial photographer beside commercial shots shares his conceptual series. Check “Instant Life” – the “unbearable lightness of being” shot from above

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“A poem begins as a lump in the throat, a sense of wrong, a homesickness, a lovesickness.”
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“You are not what has happened to you. You are what you choose to become.”




I want this for pride events.

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Woman launches mobile showers for the homeless

A San Francisco woman creates a “shower bus” to help accommodate the city’s 3,500 homeless people. Vanessa Johnston reports.


Her name is Doniece Sandoval~ don’t forget to credit the badass women making history!

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“Let people feel the weight of who you are and let them deal with it.”
— John Eldridge  (via thatkindofwoman)

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fauxreal asked:

where in Minnesota will you be visiting?!


I’m moving to St. Paul for college!